Download our Tunnel Safety Brochure This brochure contains important information on tunnel safety and can be downloaded here

Motorway Safety

On the motorway

  • You must only drive ahead. No turning or reversing is permitted.
  • You must progress at a speed and in a way that avoids interference with other motorway traffic.
  • You must not drive on any part of the motorway that is not a carriageway – for example, a hard shoulder – except in case of emergency.
  • You must not stop or park on any part of the motorway unless your vehicle breaks down or you are signalled by a Garda to do so.
  • You must not pick up or set down anybody on a motorway

General rules

  • Pay attention to motorway signs.
  • Pay Attention to motorway Speed Limits.
  • Follow the necessary setps when joining the Motorway
  • Use Lanes Properly
  • Be sure to keep your distance from the car in front.
  • Check Traffic around you using your mirrors.
  • You shoudl drive having due regard to other users of the motorway.

The rules of the road has a section on Motorway driving and can be downloaded here 

Safety in the Tunnel

a. If there is a fire in the tunnel
If there is a smoke or a fire behind you, drive out of the tunnel. If there is smoke or fire ahead, stop the vehicle, turn off the engine and leave the vehicle immediately. Go to the nearest exit and leave the hazardous bore. 

b. Fire Points, Exits & Safety Equipment
• FM Radio Break-in Facility: in case of an incident tune into FM radio stations to hear safety instructions
• Electronic Variable Message Signs will be used to give instructions
• Emergency stations have direct telephones to the operator and fire extinguishers
• Pedestrian Exit. There are 13 exit points every 50 metres (maximum 25 metres to the next exit) where you can escape into the non-incident bore
• There are hydrants every 50 metres
• CCTV is in operation throughout the tunnel

c. Break down or accident
If you breakdown or are in an accident switch on the warning lights. Go to the nearest emergency station and use the telephone to contact the operator. You should report the position and circumstances in which the vehicle is at rest. Obey the operator instructions on FM radio and on electronic signs. If your vehicle is on fire, switch off the engine and leave the vehicle immediately. 

d. Instruction to stop in the tunnel
If you are instructed to stop in the tunnel switch on the warning lights and switch off the engine. Obey the operator instruction on FM radio and electronic signs. If you are instructed to exit the tunnel, use the nearest exit which is indicated by distance on wall.

• Prohibited Users:
Pedestrians, pedal cyclists, animal drawn vehicles and agricultural vehicles with a speed less than 50 kph and motorcycles of less than 50cc engine size are prohibited from using the tunnel. Any vehicles whose height exceeds, or that has a load with a height exceeding 4.65 metres is prohibited from using the tunnel.

• Dangerous Goods:
If you want to carry any dangerous goods through the tunnel, please contact 061 583291.

The classification of goods cargos A,B,C,D and E defined in Transport of Dangerous Goods through Road Tunnels, (OECD 2001) where category E comprises non-dangerous goods only and category A comprises all types of goods, including the most hazardous. The Limerick Tunnel is classified for the transport of all goods in category A, which are allowed to be transported on roads generally in Ireland.

• Wide Load:
If you want to use the tunnel with transporting wide loads, you must give notice to the operator. While using the tunnel, you must have a vehicle in advance of the vehicle transporting the wide load and one vehicle following. There must be displaying flags, sign or flashing lights on the vehicles. In addition you must provide a documentation certifying road worthiness and one which is giving a certified description of the dimension of the vehicles and the wide load. You must comply with restrictions as to when the vehicle transporting the wide load might access the toll road and the payment of such charges which are set by the operator.

In case of any questions in relation to the road or tunnel please contact us at the following address:

DirectRoute (Limerick) Limited 
Coonagh Mainline Toll Plaza,Coonagh, Limerick
24 Hour Emergency Phone : 061 - 582800

E-Mail: [email protected]